Western Force (@1.1) vs Melbourne Rising (@7.5)

Our Prediction:

Western Force will win

Western Force – Melbourne Rising Match Prediction | 15-09-2019 03:00

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The Rebels' jersey had traditional navy blue and white hoops, the colours of the Victorian Axemen side that represented Victoria in the Australian Rugby Shield.[10] The Rebels name was chosen in consultation with the local rugby community.

13S. Tupou

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A year to forget, no doubt? Do all true Oz rugby fans hope that after all these years in the Super comp, the Force start to realize their potential. Credit where its due, you have to give the Force fans some credit. The fans keep turning up week in and week out, even though they know they are going to be as disappointed as someone on a six-figure salary trying to buy a house in Sydney.

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2019 Upcoming Home Match

While I have stated that the team progress this year has been good, I too am bewildered by the fact that a basic skill of a key position player has been seemingly ignored all season. Hopefully that competition for the starting gig will give Pat better opportunities to develop. Sexton hasnt really staked a claim either, so the signing of Chibba can only be a good thing. Im sure that is harsh and probably untrue, but we call it how we see it.

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Ultimate Rugby

For the Australian Rugby Championship in 2007, however, both Victoria and Western Australia were allocated teams.

That Rebels team was the predecessor of the Melbourne Rebels team in Super Rugby and the Melbourne Rising team in the NRC. The NRC was launched in 2014, reinstating the national competition after an absence of six years.[3] The previous competition was the Australian Rugby Championship (ARC), which was discontinued in 2007 after only one season.[4] The team representing Victoria in the ARC was the Melbourne Rebels, organised and managed by the VRU.

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My completely unreliable sources tell me that the Force are fielding calls from France and Japan regarding Foleys availability. Although, it appears that it is just teams from those countries asking the Force board to stop trying to palm Foley off on them. I swear I even heard calls last week to bring back the Firepower dude as a major drinks sponsor.

Unfortunately for Mr Foley, this is not one of those occasions. In many cases, the coach does cop a whack that should rightfully be directed to the players. We often complain about the unfairness of blaming the coach for the teams woes. OK, challenge time: The first Sandgroper caller through with an example of a single bit of progress Foley has brought to the Force wins one of Gina Rineharts spare iron ore mines.

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