Tennis Borussia Berlin (@1.36) vs Blau-Weiss 1890 (@6.5)

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Tennis Borussia Berlin will win

Tennis Borussia Berlin – Blau-Weiss 1890 Match Prediction | 21-09-2019 13:30

Bundesliga, while third place Blau-Weiss landed in the Amateurliga Berlin (III). Once again a lower to mid-table side the club's performance improved in the early 1970s leading to a Regionalliga title in 1973 and a failed participation in the promotion rounds for the top-flight Bundesliga. League re-organisation at the end of the 197374 season led to the breakup of the existing Regionalliga: first placed Tennis Borussia Berlin was promoted to the Bundesliga, runner-up Wacker 04 Berlin joined the newly formed second tier 2.

The team played in tier II leagues throughout the 60s and 70s with the exception of two short-lived forays into the Bundesliga in 197475 and 197677. Most of the 1980s were spent playing in the third tier Oberliga Berlin. After World War II and into the early 1950s, TeBe emerged as Berlin's top side but were unable to keep up their form and earn selection to the Germany's new professional league, the Bundesliga, formed in 1963.

Within a couple of years German football was re-organised under the Third Reich into sixteen top-flight divisions with Blau-Weiss joining the Gauliga Berlin-Brandenburg. The following season a third side, Arminia 1906 Berlin, joined the newly created club which started to slowly improve returning to the Oberliga Berlin-Brandenburg (I) in 1931. Immediately after the 1927 merger of these two sides the club was relegated from top-flight football in the city.

Tennis Borussia Berlin vs SpVgg Blau-Weiss 1890 Berlin

After three seasons in the Amateurliga Berlin (II), which included a division title win in 1963, the club secured a place in the newly formed Regionalliga Berlin (II). SG Mariendorf played first division football from 1946 until being relegated in 1948. Blau-Wei re-joined the top tier Oberliga Berlin in 1950 where they played as a lower to mid-table side until finally being relegated in 1960.

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Through most of its history TeBe has been afflicted by financial problems but has always managed to hang on while many other of Berlin's clubs folded or disappeared in mergers. In 199798, a deep-pocketed sponsor brought expensive new talent to the team as they made a run at a return to 2. They were refused a license and were forcibly relegated[1] to the Regionalliga Nord (III) where they finished last in 200001 and so slipped further still to the NOFV-Oberliga Nord (IV) the following season. Bundesliga, which they achieved, winning the Regionalliga Nordost. While initially successful, the bid collapsed in 2000 as the team's finances failed.

Vorwrts enjoyed early success with local championships in 1902, 1903 and 1921. In that last championship year, they also sent four players to the national side and played in the German final, which they lost 05 to 1. Union took the national title in 1905 with a 20 win over Karlsruher FV. FC Nrnberg. Predecessor sides Vorwrts and Union were both founding members of the German Football Association at Leipzig in 1900.

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The team was founded in 1902 as Berliner Tennis- und Ping-Pong-Gesellschaft Borussia taking its name from its origins as a tennis and ping-pong club. In 1913 the club changed its name to Berliner Tennis Club Borussia. They won their first city league championship in 1932 in the Oberliga Berlin-Brandenburg and repeated the feat in 1941, this time by defeating Hertha (82) in the Gauliga Berlin-Brandenburg. Borussia is a Latinised version of Prussia and was a widely used name for sports clubs in the former state of Prussia. In 1903 the club took up football and quickly developed a rivalry with Berlin's leading side Hertha BSC.

Blau-Wei captured a second division title in 1942 and finished third overall nationally. After World War II occupying Allied authorities ordered the dissolution of all organizations in the country, including sports and football associations. The club was sent down after a last place finish in 1937 but came storming back to win the division title in 193839. The club was later re-formed as SG Mariendorf which eventually broke up into three separate sides: SpVgg Blau-Wei 90 Berlin (re-established in 1949), SC Krampe Berlin, and SC Mariendorf.