Sendai (@2.1) vs Matsumoto (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Sendai will win

Sendai – Matsumoto Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

This is, so to say, an indirect attack, and will contribute to the final Summary speech, hence rather recommended. Moreover, such defense provides an effective comparison. It is permitted, for example, to refute like The importance of Disadvantages presented in the Constructive speech, outweighs that of the Advantages presented in the Affirmative Constructive speech, because this is not itself an attack to the importance of Advantages.

Aim of the topic: The Japanese Government suggested in the latest revision of the official Course of Study that English classes in high school should be taught in English, not in Japanese. Is this a good policy?


Just imagine yourself as a rational voter for a national policy referendum, and you are going to vote according to, and only according to the issues that are raised by each opposing party. 3. Process of Judging In sum, judging a policy debate is like policy making itself. The following 5 steps might help you to make fairer and more objective decisions.

Under the Basic income system (BI), the government provides a guaranteed minimum income equally to every citizen. As BI does not need the means test, it is argued to be more efficient and fairer than the current public security systems: Public (National) Pensions, Public Assistance, Employment Insurance, and the Child Benefit system. It is also argued from the viewpoint of preventing fiscal breakdown or population decrease. Basic income: A social security system which is planned to be introduced in Finland etc. Needless to say, there are strong oppositions toward the BI system, such as huge spending or workability, etc.

1.Affirmative team does not have a burden to prove that More than 10 million immigrants will surely come toJapan as the Definition 1) supposes. However, they cannot propose a plan that will limit the immigrants to a smaller number, or argue an Advantage on the basis of such smaller number.As Definition 4) shows, for example, to limit the immigrants by the skills of Japanese language is an abusive restriction.


In some rooms, the debaters should follow special instructions from the Tournament organizers, especially in larger rooms for the semi-final and final rounds. The Affirmative team shall be seated on the left hand side of the judges and the Negative team to the right. The debater should stand during the entire speech, including the Questions & Answers section, unless there is inevitable reason not to. Both Constructive speaker should be seated in the closest seat to the opponent team (Near the room center, facing the judge).Each speaker should stand up there (close to his/her seat, not at the podium, etc.) when making a speech. The speakers should be seated in the designated seats in the order of Constructive, Attack, Defense, and Summary speaker.

He is named after Iggy Pop. He is a haughty and rude dog and sees humans as monsters for how badly they treated him. Over the course of the story, he begins to make friends with the crew, and resolves to take down DIO with the gang. A Boston terrier granted some degree of sentience following the acquisition of his stand.

If the violation was judged as malignant, such as intentionally sabotaging the instructions or forging the information, all matches that the team partook will be considered as being defeated, and further participation to the rounds will not be permitted and lose the chance to be qualified to the finals. Teams and their coaches (or accompanying judges) are required to cooperate to the instructions of the tournament organizer. If violations were found after the tournament, any awards given will be cancelled and prizes must be returned. If the team or its coaches (or its accompanying judge) violate the instructions, or if any violation of the rules 1.4.1 ~ 1.4.3 were found during the tournament, the team will be penalized.

2. Definition of Japanese Universities: Exceptions are tolerated

They are winless in their last eight games on the road and lost six of them as well. Sendai is one of the lowest-placed teams in the league, and they have been dismal on the road. On top of that, the squad failed to score in four of their last seven road trips as well. Also, of their last 18 away ties, the team lost 13 and conceded two or more goals in seven of their last twelve.

NB: Please note that the wording of this topic is not the final version yet; just the debate AREA has been decided. The wording will be surely be modified later, and an official, concrete definition of each term will surely be added when the call for participants gets released in June. Resolved: That all Japanese universities should start their academic year in September.

It should be assumed that the remaining deficit should be covered by increasing the tax rates of the Inheritance tax, the Income tax, and the Consumption tax. The Affirmative side can specify the planned increase rates of these three taxes, in the constructive speech Plan. Basically, the current State spending toward the Public (National) Pensions, Public Assistance, Employment Insurance, and the Child Benefit system, which will all be integrated in to the BI, should be considered as the source of revenue for the BI.

Holy Kujo, ne Joestar (Stand: Unknown)

2.It is not allowed to present a plan that restricts the Definition 2) by limiting the immigrants by their native country or business. For example, granting visas to workers only in the fields of agriculture, fishery, and nursing is not allowed.