Nagoya (@1.95) vs Oita (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Nagoya will win

Nagoya – Oita Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

Please answer the below questionnaire askingwhich topics are appropriate. The HEnDA judging committee has narrowed down your suggestions to 5possible debate topics. Deletethe Yess if you think the topic is not suitable, vice versa. Thank you for suggesting wonderful debate topic ideas. If you thinks each of the suggested debatetopic is appropriate then answer Yes.( This is called Approvalvote system You can even agree to all of them or none of them.

Topics of importance are framed so please pay extra attention to them. However, wed like the students, their coaches and judges to look through relevant rules before attending the tournament. Some of the rules here are for tournament management purposes, so it is not necessary to read through all of the statutes in this rulebook. Further comments are provided after the asterisks (*).


Moreover, such defense provides an effective comparison. It is permitted, for example, to refute like The importance of Disadvantages presented in the Constructive speech, outweighs that of the Advantages presented in the Affirmative Constructive speech, because this is not itself an attack to the importance of Advantages. This is, so to say, an indirect attack, and will contribute to the final Summary speech, hence rather recommended.

If violations were found after the tournament, any awards given will be cancelled and prizes must be returned. If the team or its coaches (or its accompanying judge) violate the instructions, or if any violation of the rules 1.4.1 ~ 1.4.3 were found during the tournament, the team will be penalized. If the violation was judged as malignant, such as intentionally sabotaging the instructions or forging the information, all matches that the team partook will be considered as being defeated, and further participation to the rounds will not be permitted and lose the chance to be qualified to the finals. Teams and their coaches (or accompanying judges) are required to cooperate to the instructions of the tournament organizer.

Debaters should assume that these exceptional schools exist whichever side you are debating. Actually even today, the law allows each university to decide the start of the academic year. So there are exceptions (like ICU, Keio) that already have fall entrance system, or some with both spring and fall entrance, but the general trend of the academic year is from April. Neither side has to prove all universities should start from September or April without exception.


Hi I am going to be in Osaka from 7th April -8th April and in Kyoto from 9th April till 13th April. Would I be able catch some part of Cherry blossom or would it be too late? Thanks vm. Should I consider going to Mt Yoshino or Hikone to view Cherry blossom?any suggestion on day trip from Kyoto to view Cherry blossom is most welcome.

We recommend you to check again for updates on the 2018 forecast! Since the best times to visit (full bloom) in Kyoto is expected to be around March 28-29, should you want to visit a city at its expected best it might be adviceable to go there. However these numbers are just estimations and could still vary. Although cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo usually peaks between March 27 and April 6, this year it has started earlier.

Okinawa, for example, almost always produces the first blooms. Areas with milder winter climates produce earlier bloom times. Blooms usually open first in the southern region, and blooming progresses northward. The sakura average blooming time can vary widely based on the geographical location within the country. Wind, rain, and temperature can cause the blossoms to appear either earlier or later than average and can lengthen or shorten the blooming season.


In that case, a judge should compare the ADs and the DAs rationally, using ones own value judgments. If the ADs outweigh the DAs then AFF wins, else the NEG wins. (For example, AFF insisted that each child should have enough math ability but NEG argued that childrens individuality should have priority. If a team has explained the value criteria for deciding whether the ADs outweigh the DAs, such debaters criteria should be used to determine the winner. Try to avoid your own point of view coming in. Recollect the latter stage speeches (summary) of the debaters. Which is more important? Such comparison should be done by the debatersthemselves. In some debates, neither team is able to present such value criterion effectively. If the NEG can not present a counter-criterion, a judge should decide in favor of the AFF). 5.Compare the net sum of the issues:Sum up the strength of the ADs and consider if it outweighs the strength of the summed-up DAs. A good AFF summary may present a value criterion insisting that their plan can meet the necessary civil minimum concerning math ability, and the value of such necessary ability outweighs the vague individuality value.

If both teams have had equal number of past Affirmative side debates, then the student leaders of both teams will do a Janken (Rock, Scissor, Paper) in front of the officials at the designated room. In the finals, the Affirmative and Negative side will be decided as follows: Both teams will count how many times they have debated on the Affirmative side so far (including both the Finals and the prelims). The winner team of the Janken will debate on the Affirmative side. The team with less Affirmative side debates will be the next Affirmative.

However, The Plan cannot solve the problem effectively, because the Government is technically unable to spend the cost that much may be a valid attack on the Advantage. *In some cases it is difficult to draw a clear line between attacks and Disadvantages. For example, arguments like It costs a lot to carry out their plan are in fact Disadvantages, so it shouldnt be mentioned in the Attack speech.


In general, would the flowers still look as great and beautiful 2-3 days after the full bloom? Or would the wind/rain wash them away after that? Hello I have question you mentioned that the full bloom would last around a week. So based from Feb 22nd forecast, Tokyos full bloom begins March 26 and one week would be till April 1st.