Los Angeles Lakers (@2.0) vs Los Angeles Clippers (@1.87)

Our Prediction:

Los Angeles Clippers will win

Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Clippers Match Prediction | 20-08-2019

The Clippers arent the best defensive team in the league but have shown the capacity to hold the Lakers in check, evidenced by their win earlier in the year where the held the Lakers to 107 points. That said, I do expect the Lakers to come out and defend like their lives depend on it. Typically a team that struggles to make stops late and is prone to zoning out during extended periods of the game, I fully expect the Lakers to play a hard 48 minutes of defense and give the Clippers a tough go at things.

Golden State will either still be trying to integrate DeMarcus Cousins by late January or will simply be waiting for his return. This one is a simple calculation. They will in this game, as the Warriors will save their best for the postseason. Coming off of two straight losses, the Lakers will be doing everything in their power to get back on track. The Lakers will care more about this game than the Warriors.

The Lakers are going to win games they should lose and lose games they should win, as all NBA teams do. This team could make a blockbuster trade. There is simply no way that all 82 individual predictions pan out. But assuming typical levels of health in the NBA, no extreme roster or coaching changes and no overwhelming off-court surprises, this is more or less what the Lakers are going to be. Predicting injuries is impossible and irresponsible.

The Warriors will probably still have something to play for by this point, but even if they didn't, they wouldn't want to lose to the Lakers twice in a row. The Lakers will already have a win against them at this point, so no point will need to be proven. On their home floor, they remain nearly unbeatable.

10/24/18: @ Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles just doesnt have the established leaders outside of LeBron to win consistently given the active players. The Lakers could be without JaVale McGee tonight as well, just adding another missing piece. Now they have their third game in four days and playing a Clippers team that has looked strong the last two weeks. The Lakers managed to cover last night, but really should have earned a win. Their lack of on-court leadership showed late. The Clippers are a good team and I would expect them to overwhelm this version of the Lakers.

The Atlanta Hawks are the worst team in the NBA. This might be the single easiest game on the schedule. A team led by a rookie point guard is going to get starstruck playing against James. They are actively trying to lose games this season to surround Trae Young, John Collins and Taurean Prince with more young talent. The Lakers will win it quite handily.

Their defense is still disastrous. They are adjusting to a new reality after the Jimmy Butler saga. The Minnesota Timberwolves are in such a state of turmoil right now that predicting wins against any legitimate competition would be irresponsible. Expect a high-scoring game, especially since the Lakers don't have a realistic counter to Karl-Anthony Towns, but they should have the edge here.

The Lakers couldn't beat Houston at home to start the season, and they won't beat them in this game either. They may have less rest coming into this game, but they are at home and will have been there for around a week at this point. That puts the better team in position to take the game. The Lakers will get a win over the Rockets at some point.

LeBrons first season as a Laker did not go as good as it could have. Once he returned, you could tell he could not be bothered and did not want to risk another injury for a team that wouldnt have made it past the second round, at best. A groin injury sidelined him for over a month and pushed the team out of a playoff spot.

3/27/19: @ Utah Jazz

The second consecutive win was at the expense of the visiting New York Knicks at a score of 128-107 last night. The Los Angeles Clippers will clash with its friendly neighbor in a sports venue they share at the Staples Center in downtown, Los Angeles. The Clippers are securing their playoff spot as they face the Lakers with two wins in a row. The long shooting spree was complemented by SF Danilo Gallinari with 20 points to help route the Knicks on their 50th loss of the season. The Clippers found its shooter and gave him the support of the night as acquired PG Landry Shamet poured in 21 points, all of them from the three point territory.

The No. It also creates an easier first-round series, as the Thunder (the projected No. 3 seed has tremendous value this season. This game could functionally serve as a seeding tiebreaker. 3 seed clinched, but don't be surprised if this game plays a very important part in determining seeding in the Western Conference. These projections have Utah slightly higher, so by this point, they will have the No. Both the Jazz and Lakers should win around 55 games. It allows a team to theoretically avoid the Warriors until the Western Conference Finals.

The Kings remain one of the worst teams in the NBA and that is not going to change in the few days between these games. They've happened to draw them after losses, but losing streaks don't form against Sacramento. They form for them. The Kings are becoming a very nice punching bag for the Lakers in this scenario.