Eslin (@1.5) vs Drumkeerin (@2.87)

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Eslin will win

Eslin – Drumkeerin Match Prediction | 15-09-2019 08:30

A few stats before the leaderboard; For the second week in a row, there were no drawn game; The easiest Division tp predict was Division 1, followed by Division 3, Division 4 next with Division 2 being the toughest to predict, as was the case last week also. top 25 as follows: Tommy Rogan (76); Daire Carrigan (73); James Earley (72); Kevie Forde, Ciaran Walpole, Stephen McManus, Angela Kiley Mulvey and Darragh Flynn (69);Ciaran Daly (68); Barry McPadden, Francie Davitt, Larry Walpole and Cathal McCauley, Vicar McPartlan and 2 from Aaron Wynne (67); David Moran, Joe McTernan, Thomas Davitt, Seamie Granaghan, Hugh McPartlan, Kate Byrne, Charles Meehan and 2 entries from Jimmy McPadde (66); No games next week, the following week, all matches on the Saturday of St Patricks weekend. In Division 1, 49 predicted Galway would beat Mayo in the local derby, 119 had Tyrone to beat Cavan, all but 5 had Dublin to win against Roscommon while 88 got it correct that Kerry would beat Monaghan; In Division 2, 111 predicted Donegals victory over Armagh, 65 got it right for Cork to win against Tipperary, 33 predicted Meath to beat Kildare while 89 had Fermanagh to get the better of Clare; In Division 3, 78 had Carlow to beat Louth, 110 went for Down to beat Offaly, 74 had Laois to win against Longford and 64 predicted Westmeaths win in Sligo; In Division 4, congrats to Leitrim who gained promotion with a victory over London, it wasn't pretty but a win is a win regardless so we can look forward to a final in Croke Park on Saturday 30th March, as for the predictions, all 127 predicted a Leitrim victory, 90 predicted Wexfords win in Wicklow, 116 got it right for Derry to beat Limerick while only 29 thought Waterford would get the better of Antrim. The same 2 players predicted correctly 14 results from the 16 played as well as Micheal Forde and Tommy Rogan. Gaa prediction week 5 report Prediction Competition: Week 5 complete, last week, we had 7 points separating the top 24, this week, we have 10 points separating the top 25. Maximum points on offer this week was 22 and well done to Seamie Granaghan and Ray McLoughlin who both scored an amazing 20 points each. From last week, we have lost Eamon O'Grady jnr, Ryan Gallagher, Pat Duignan, Declan Gallagher, Lauraine Clarke, David McManus and Conor McGoldrick and into the top list comes Seamie Granaghan, Hugh McPartlan, Cathal McCauley, Kate Byrne, Charles Meehan, Vicar McPartlan and 2 entries from Aaron Wynne. Full table is on Facebook.

And both teams have a history of ending the title defence of the other side so there is a lot of spice to this clash. The tie of the weekend. A repeat of last year's County Final between the teams who have shared the title between them since 2013 when St Mary's were the last winners other than Aughawillan and Mohill.

Clinical Eslin, wasteful Drumkeerin

Even their current championship form leaves you wondering - St Mary's had comfortable wins over Allen Gaels, Dromahair and Aughnasheelin, drew with Aughawillan in an exciting clash but were pretty much outclassed against Ballinamore. For their part, Melvin Gaels were in relegation trouble after they lost to Mohill and Drumreilly but three wins on the bounce since then, including ending Glencar/Manor's unbeaten record, suggests they are hitting form at the right time.

Mohill, on the other hand, seem only to be building momentum. The return of Keith Beirne and Alan McLoughlin in the last match against Drumreilly along with James Mitchell and even Irish sprint international Eanna Madden only increases the range of scoring options for a team that have averaged over 19 points a game while only conceding just over five points a game.

Annaduff started slowly and were lucky to draw the first day against Drumkeerin but interestingly, their tally of 2-8 was their lowest of the campaign so far and they have been regularly hitting the 20 point mark. Sean McNabola leads the line but you definitely feel that the entire attack is contributing far more than they did last year in the run to the Intermediate Final.

Storm Gabrielle to bring 100km per hour winds this week

In their favour is their form of Pearce Dolan and Gary Plunkett while the veteran leadership of Barry Prior has been key. And there is no team better at managing pressure in the closing minutes than the Willies, nobody who relishes it more and thrives on the pressure. They might have been well below full strength but they are still tallying huge scores in their games even without some of their key forwards.

Prediction Game: report What a weekend of football with one outstanding league match and 3 Divisional finals taking place and well done to Mayo, Donegal and Derry on their victories and a mention must go to a gallant Leitrim team who did us all proud in Croke park. 28 entrants had Kerry as runners up. The outstanding league match between Laois and Westmeath ended in a draw (promotes Westmeath) with13 entrants getting it correct, although all 13 were out of the running for the top prize. As it stands, if Westmeath win, then James Earley would come out on top and if Laois win, Kevie would claim top prize. Out of a possible 45 points on offer last weekend, 35 was the highest score with Charles Meehan, Gabriel Flynn and Kevie Forde all recording 35 points. As stated, all of this has to be double checked and is not an official result. 94 entrants had picked Dublin to win the title. in Division 2, 101 had Donegal as the winners, 11 had Meath as runners up. It looks like the rest are out of the running although a full check will be done before the weekends matches. Best of luck to both entries next weekend. That score of 35 points for Kevie sees him head to the top of the table with 135 points followed by James Earley with 130 points. In Division 4, 96 had selected Derry as the outright winners with 76 having Leitrim as runners up. Just to run through the Divisions; in Division 1 out of 127 entries, only 3 had predicted Mayo to win so well done to Gabriel Flynn, John Joe Byrne and Paul Gallagher.

Gortletteragh, Allen Gaels, Fenagh and one of Aughnasheelin or Annaduff fir relegation. In division 2 any reason why Drumreilly and Carrigallen wasn't played? Aughawillan although won't reach league final coming into form for championship now. Some teams have less games played than others but at the minute the top 4 looks like being Ballinaglera, Drumreilly, Dromahair and Drumkeerin . Mohill and Ballinamore look good for league final that was a great win for Ballinamore tonight they will be championship contenders I think.

Third generation weds in Clonturk Church

No McCauley there for some reason. They will be division 2 next season. Very intense, close game and a huge crowd there. Drumkeerin don't look like they will be ending the championship famine anytime soon. Lots of men behind the ball. Drumreilly/Glera final. Was in carrigallen on Wednesday just to see what the standard was. Carrigallen looked fit and worked hard. Yet not gametime for leitrim and us trying everyone and his dog at 6 including some of the poorest players i've seen in a Leitrim jersey for many years. You would wonder where are drumkeerin going, however, they seem to be going round in circles the last few years. Gary Reynolds head and shoulders above anyone on the field and by all accounts he has been head and shoulders above everyone in Div 2.

In Division 2, 80 tipped Meath to beat Clare; 98 went a Donegal win in Cork; 102 went for Kildare to get the better of Tipperary and 99 got it right Armagh to beat Fermanagh. Only 6 out of 127 predicted wins for Mayo over Kerry and Tyrone over Dublin so well done to Joe Walpole, Michael McTernan, James Gallagher (Corry), Junior Hazlett, Christina Byrne and Paul Gallagher. He is six points clear at the top but as already mentioned, a lot of points to be played for yet. As it stands though, Tommy Rogan looks favourite to take the 500 prize. Ray McLoughlin and Junior Hazlett were the big winners last weekend, each of them scoring 19 points with Stephen McManus and James Gallagher (Corry) hitting 18 points each. GAA prediction report week 6 Prediction Game: Only one round of fixtures remaining, but remember there are 60 points available on the last weekend of March when the four divisional finals are being played. In Division 4, Leitrim lost their unbeaten record in a rehearsal of the Divisional final in a couple of weeks, losing by seven points in Derry with 92 predicting that particular result; 95 tipped Antrim to beat Wicklow, 48 got it correct for a Waterford victory in London with 89 tipping Wexford to beat Limerick. The top 20 with points in brackets are as follows: Tommy Rogan (93); Stephen McManus (87); Daire Carrigan (86); James Earley (85); Angela Kiley Mulvey and Kevie Forde (84); Darragh Flynn (83); Ciaran Daly, Cathal McCauley and Aaron Wynne (82); David McManus, Kate Byrne and Aaron Wynne (81); Seamus Gallagher, Thomas Davitt, James Gallagher Corry, Natasha McTernan, David Moran, Eamonn O'Grady Junior and Joe McTernan (80) For the full table check Drumkeerin Handball facebook page. Again as in the last couple of weeks, there was no drawn game. Looking at each match, in Division 1, 100 got it right Galway to beat Roscommon; only 10 predicted Tyrone to win against Dublin; 26 had it right Mayo to win in Kerry, while 114 tipped Monaghan to beat Cavan. The next toughest Division re points won was Division 3 but of course only 3 games were played here. Division 4 was next toughest with Division 2 the easiest. On the results side of things, 3 of the above, Junior, James and Ray correctly predicted 13 results from 15 matches. If that game goes ahead, then points will be awarded as normal, but if the game is not played at any stage, no points will be awarded. In Division 3, 79 predicted Down to win in Carlow; 59 had Longford to beat Sligo with 77 going for a Laois victory against Offaly. The toughest Division to predict last weekend was Division 1, mainly because of two great away wins by Mayo and Tyrone. 22 points on offer last weekend, remember one game was not played, Louth v Westmeath.

They are all likely to play next Sunday but there has to be some element of doubt about their fitness and that's not good for the reigning champions. The teams go into the quarter-final with very different moods - Aughawillan are worried about the fitness of key players like Noel Plunkett, Ciaran Gilheany, Fergal McTague and Morgan Quinn, a key quartet who each occupy a different line on the field.