Eispiraten Crimmitschau (@2.63) vs Kassel Huskies (@1.91)

Our Prediction:

Kassel Huskies will win

Eispiraten Crimmitschau – Kassel Huskies Match Prediction | 02-11-2019 15:00

Kassel was relegated to the 2nd Bundesliga after twelve years in the first division. This meant once again the Huskies would face a relegation playoff for the second season in a row. Kassel finished the regular season second last in the table with just 20 wins from 52 matches. The wave of optimism around the new ownership of the team was short lived during 2005/06 season as the Huskies returned to familiar poor form on the ice. Kassels opponent for the playoffs was Fchse Duisburg. The series went for five matches with Kassel suffering defeat 1-4.

1 January 1994, EC Kassel was dissolved and two new clubs were established to take its place. Kassel Huskies, the men's program, was incorporated as a limited liability company to join the new DEL, as per the new rules, while a parent club was established at the same time called Ice Hockey Youth Kassel e.V.

The Huskies were once again threatened with bankruptcy. The off-season saw the team enter crisis with major shareholder, Simon Kimm, withdrawing his financial support for the team and resigning from the club. In the eleventh hour the club secured a new major shareholder, Rainer Lippe, who took up the position of managing director with the Huskies. Kassels DEL licence and existence as a top level club was secured.

Assisting the head coach is another full-time assistant coach and six part-time coaches. The club was founded 1 January 1994. The head coach for the Young Huskies is Czech coach Milan Mokro, former Huskies player and men's head coach. The greatest achievement by the club has been being named 2004 German champions under the guidance of Horst Fahl. Until 2009 the club was known as EJ Kassel. The club consists of seven teams ranging in age and competing in the Bundesliga Nord leagues for their age group. The Kassel Young Huskies are the junior club branch of Ice Hockey Youth Kassel e.V.

DEL-2 Bundesliga

The name Hercules is a nod to a local landmark, the Hercules monument at the top of Bergpark Wilhelmshhe and forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. On match-days the club has Hercules the Siberian husky mascot who entertains the spectators before the match, during intermissions and post-match. Since 1994, the Siberian husky has been the mascot for the club. Hercules also appears at special events hosted by the club. The image of the husky is used by the club in the name, logo and on merchandising. While the husky image has changed a number of times on the club's logo, the mascot has been updated just once, in 2015, with a softer friendlier more 'plush' look to Hercules.

The large capacity of the stadium for its time meant the Huskies had one of the largest average attendances at the start of the DEL in 1994. Its original maximum capacity was 3,000 spectators but in 1995 the stadium went through a redevelopment by architect Peter Blaschke and the capacity was expanded to 6,100 with 2,720 seats and 250 box seats. The venue was designed by Edith and Simon Kimm and opened in 1977.[30] It is operated by Kasseler Sportsttten KG.

Hans introduced a well drilled dogged defensive style of hockey that made the team hard to break down. Hans Zachs appointment in 98/99 elevated the Huskies program to new found heights. He was both Kassel and German national team head coach at the same time. Zachs appointment contributed to ice hockey becoming the most popular sport in Kassel, leapfrogging football.

The most memorable match between the Huskies and Lions came in December 1997. In front of 6,400 fans crammed into Eissporthalle Kassel, there was a total of 242 penalty minutes, five major penalties and two match penalties handed out by the officials during the match. The first period lasted for almost two hours alone. Things kicked off after 4:18 minutes when Lions goaltender Jukka Tammi clashed with Greg Evtushevski, resulting in the Finnish goaltender being sent off with a match penalty.

Reaching the play-offs for the German title. At executive level, bankrupt trustee Martin Lepper stepped down from his position at the club now that the Huskies were financially stable. The Sled Dogs over performed in the league in its first two seasons. The Huskies made an immediate impact in the DEL. Gerhard Swoboda and Uli Egen took over operations at the club as president and general manager respectively.


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