Cavan Gaels (@1.8) vs Kingscourt (@2.25)

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Cavan Gaels will win

Cavan Gaels – Kingscourt Match Prediction | 16-09-2019 09:00

If it was the more fun day stuff that seems to go on in Oz & Dubai etc. Don't know much about Kiernan's brother or the other lad on the plane from London with Givney if its true but Givney would surely be a big help if played at full forward and that would throw my prediction up in the air completely.Is it even allowed that he can transfer if he played in the London c'ship with Fulham Irish? Lavey by 1. It doesn't affect me or my club but I would have thought not. I wouldn't mind but I think the London c'ships are taken quite seriously and are similar enough to our own.I was at the Kingscourt Crosserlough game at the weekend too. Belturbet v Mullahoran; Looks 50/50 but will go Belturbet by 1. Back the Over 3.5 red cards....Cucu v Killeshandra- Cucu's by 7-10.JFC Denn v Killinkere; Killinkere probably have the least weaknesses of any team left and are racking up the biggest scorelines. It seems a bit unfair that he can play in two c'ships. SFC Lavey v Lacken; Lacken highly dependent on a few very strong players. Lacken result not a realistic bounceback to miles ahead of the field and they're also missing a few key players but don't think Gowna are ready for a big knockout win like this just yet. The decision at the end did not affect the table but was up there with the most ludicrous things I have seen on a football field and was only the tip of the iceberg in a game where the players were just also rans to the refereeing sideshow that was put on. Fancy them to win by 4-6 and go on and win the c'ship.Drumlane v Mountnugent; Drumlane by 3 points on c'ship form. They will get caught out at some stage because of this and I think it might be here. Castlerahan v Kingscourt; Castlerahan too strong. 6+Gowna v Gaels; Gaels by 1. Ramor v Crosserlough; Similar to Gowna, don't think Lough are ready, Ramor by 5.IFC Bailieborough v Laragh; Laragh by 10+Bridge v Arva; Bridge should make it tough but Arva to come through by 3-6.

Kingscourt, for their part, gave it everything to get both points against Crosserlough but came up short. Wins over Lavey and Shercock do not stack up well against Castlerahan's form 'in the book' in victories against Cootehill and Ramor and a draw with Cavan Gaels. To win, they will need goals and they managed seven of those in the group but someone needs to take the scoring burden from Barry Reilly, who has kicked 0-18 from dead balls from their total white flag tally of 0-38. Castlerahan v KingscourtSat, 5.30pm, MullaghCastlerahan were caught at the death on Sunday by Ballinagh in what was the only dead rubber of the round (Castlerahan were going through and Ballinagh were not, regardless of the result) so that game can be dismissed out of hand. However, the suspicion is that they lack firepower and that is borne out by the fact that from the eight teams still standing, only Lacken - whose stats were skewed by their paltry return of 0-7 last Sunday - have scored less. Nothing comes easy against Kingscourt, as Crosserlough will attest, but they are a couple of players short of a championship-winning side (how they have missed the likes of Barry Tully and the retired Philip Smith) and the feeling is that Castlerahan, or the team that beats them, will be just that. It is hard to make a convincing case for the Stars to get the job done here. Kingscourt are as physically strong up the centre (as far as midfield) as any of the sides remaining - Farrelly, Gray, Clarke, Faulkner, Dillon provide the spine while the in-form Philly Tinnelly is the pulse of the team at present.

The Gaels for instance, knew they needed a win and for some other results to go their way, they had no control of the other results, they had to go out and do what they had to do. The best hope for a decent competitive County Final is for the Gaels and Castlerhan to be kept apart til the final! Its an open draw right up to the Q/Finals and If you have any aspirations of winning a Championship then pull all your efforts into the first two or three matches and if you can afford to rest players for the last match, be it for injuries or for tactical purposes, then whats the problem, its all part of the excitement for players and supporters alike, some teams coming into the last match not knowing whether they will qualify or not. I threw my hat in the ring at the beginning and said the Gaels will retain their title, some people mocked me because of the opening results, but I stuck to my guns. Killygarry needed a win to put them through, but hit the normal self-implode button, Cootehill needed a win and for results to go their way, they got their win, but sadly it wasn't to be. I have absolutely no issues with the current format. In my opinion, the only team capable of stopping them is Castlerahan, but to be honest, I cant see them doing so.

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Cavan Club Championship 2019

If they are fit Lacken should scrape through. Could be a draw. Belturbet v Mullahoran; another game that's very hard to call. Gonna say arva by 2. Castlerahan v Kingscourt; Castlerahan will win this. A lot depends of fitness of thomas edward donohoe he would give Denn a fighting chance but still think KK are too strong. SFC Quarter FinalsLavey v Lacken; Hard game to call alot will depend on the fitness of Niall McKiernan and the Galligans. Ramor v Crosserlough; Ramor by 2 IFC Bailieborough v Laragh; Laragh will win easily here by 10+Bridge v Arva; will be nothing in it, bridge without Flanagan for year and arva without Sheridan. Drumlane v Mountnugent; Drumlane to prevail here by 5. JFC Denn v Killinkere; Killinkere should have enough to come through here. Cucu v Killeshandra- Easy win for Cuchulainns. Fancy them to put up a big score here. Gowna v Gaels; fancy Cavan Gaels to win but not without a massive battle.

They won their first game against Crosserlough last Saturday. U14 BoysOur U14 Boys are in Division 2 (Group 1) for this years Championship. We also have a team in Division 5 along with Ballinagh, Kildallon, Crosserlough, Castletara St Patricks, Shercock and Cuchulainns. Other teams in our group are Cavan Gaels, Cootehill and Crosserlough. They won their first game against Castletara last week but lost their second game away to Kildallan last Sunday by just a point in a high-scoring game.

Under 16 BoysThe U16s are in Division 2 for the championship with Blackwater Gaels, Ballyhaise and Cuchulainns. They won their first game against Cuchulainns but lost both games to Ballyhaise. They bounced back by taking all four points from Blackwater Gaels and beat Cuchulainns along the way to qualify for the final where they will meet Ballyhaise again this Thursday (07/09). There were home and away fixtures with the top two qualifying for the final. Please support them. Best of luck lads.

They were exposed at the weekend when they were missing a few important players. Neither team will have wanted to play each other again but I think Gaels will get through this with a 3 point win.Lavey vs Lacken- Depending on Lacken having a full strength team. Gaels vs Gowna- I think the big win at the weekend will give the Gaels much needed confidence.

The U14s have the long-awaited replay of their Championship final against Castlerahan/Denn this Wednesday (06/09). The U12s have played and won all four of their games in recent weeks. Ladies SceneUnderage competitions are ramping up again in the Ladies section of the Club. The U15s start their championship campaign at home to Crosserlough this Saturday (09/09).


Then again, Lacken didn't tear up any trees against Cootehill and were woeful on Sunday last, even accounting for their absentees. Cavan Gaels' need was certainly greater - Lacken wanted to win but the town side had to win and that's a crucial distinction. Throw in the fact that Niall McKiernan went off injured early in the first half and it's clear the Celtics were nowhere near full strength. Lacken started without Damien McKiernan, James Galligan and Michel Shanaghy, who have all been playing well, while they held Ray Galligan in reserve for most of the game as he nears a return to full fitness. There were, however, mitigating circumstances. If we read into last Sunday's annihilation at the hands of Cavan Gaels, Lacken should have no chance of progressing further in the SFC. That line of form does not read well either, whatever way it's dressed up. Then there was the motivation, or lack of it. Lavey, for all their qualities (and character is one of them), struggle to win championship matches with any degree of comfort. Had they beaten a stubborn Shercock with more to spare, as expected, they would be fancied to win this one. All told, then, while the manner of the collapse was concerning, it doesn't necessarily indicate an alarming collapse in form on the part of Damien Keaney's men. That said, while Ray Cullivan remains out, they are otherwise pretty much at full strength and, crucially, their leading lights are playing very well. In the opposite corner, Lavey (1/4 favourites) struggled for long spells against Shercock, who were missing Killian Clarke, and only really put them away in the closing minutes. They didn't, though, and that question mark surrounding their true form makes tipping them a risky business. Still, there's anagging doubt about the New Inns men at present. Chris Conroy, Gerry Smith and Shane Tierney have been excellent to date, with youngster Danny Cusack impressing at corner-back, too. Karl Duke, Dara Conaty and Darren Monahan are also good for a score or two, too. Surprisingly, from their last nine championship games, they have drawn four, lost two and won just three (by a point, three points and eight points).

Castlerahan v Kingscourt - Since these 2 met in the decider in 2015 Castlerahan have got stronger, mainly due to a lot of new signing from outside the county and Kingscourt have got weaker, mainly due to retirement and injury, Castlerahan by 2.Gowna v Gaels - Despite Gaels big win against Lacken all may not be going so well for them, they are carrying a few injuries I believe, however their experience should see them through here, Gaels by 3.Ramor v Crosserlough - Very interesting matchup, Ramor's key man Adrain Cole got injured again last week and with him not at 100% I'm gonna give this to Crosserlough, by 1. SFC Quarter FinalsLavey v Lacken - Like others have pointed out a lot depends on the fitness of Lackens key men, if at full strength they win by 3, if not it's too close to call.

Fair enough Cullivana second yellow but what was Rutherford thinking.Yesterday eve I set down to Breffni again for another interesting result. Big win for Gowna, interesting one against lacken next week! Any posters at the other three games? An interesting weekend of football in the senior championship. Although effective against Lavey he seemed to be limping around. A huge statement from the lough. Really struggling to get going. I think Ramor lost just 1 kickout in the whole game but boy did Killygarry make advantage of it. The two stars made a great impact on arrival though it must be said. Crosserlough completely outplayed Gaels. Very strange seeing castlerahan fall so far behind in a game but resilient as usual done excellently to fight back. Very disappointed with Ramors performance they should really be pushing on in situations like they were in today. Interestingly I had commented on how much success ramor were getting from their kickouts working the ball up the field to a score on 7 or 8 occasions when Conor Smith slipped in for the killer blow. The primary reason I rule them out of contention. And then to Lavey this evening and a great win for Killygarry with Ramor on top for long periods of the game. Ramor have an uphill battle to reach the final 8 now with lough in the next round.I'm sticking with my initial prediction of Lough for senior championship after a very impressive performance and the close favourites underperforming this weekend. Structurally far superior and without McVeety and Rehill for long period. Great composure from Conroy at the end too and Oisin O Connell impressive on the final third or so. Something which has worried me the last two or three times I've seen niall murray is that he looks injured? Indiscipline from Lavey really cost them here.